CEG provides turnkey sustainability solutions to public and private sector clients throughout the United States and abroad. CEG has assembled a talented team of engineers, designers and construction team members who are driven to deliver innovative, high-impact solutions for our clients. We offer the following distinct advantages to our clients:

  • Comprehensive Approach – We produce better results for our clients by looking at their building systems holistically and considering all of the ways that the buildings use energy and water. We are experienced delivering almost every category of ECM technology
  • Data-Driven, Rigorous Analysis – We think like building owners: we recognize that major investment decisions should be based on real data and sound engineering principles rather than rules of thumb and unverified assumptions
  • Savings that Grow Over Time – We offer a comprehensive set of services that are designed not only to sustain the savings of our projects over time but also to deliver increasing savings over the full life of the projects
  • Continuity from Beginning to End – We staff our projects with cross-functional teams, cross-train our personnel, and carefully document our findings so that our projects will be successful and move smoothly through each stage of delivery
  • On-Time, On-Budget Projects – Our roots are in construction. We have grown out of one of the leading construction firms in the United States. We use project management processes and systems that have been refined and perfected on thousands of complex, demanding projects
  • Innovation – We do not have a prescribed list of energy conservation measures that we propose for each project. We provide targeted solutions to maximize each project’s impact.
  • Sound Measurement & Verification of Savings – The best measure of project success is the project’s verifiable impact. We provide cost-effective systems to track and verify savings rigorously over time
  • Technology Neutrality – We choose the right products based upon each client’s needs and each property’s unique characteristics. We work to prevent conflicts of interest that could result in our recommendations appearing to be less objective

CEG Core Values

Push Boundaries

Use Teamwork

Deliver Excellence

Keep it Simple

Do Right

Have Fun

Take Responsibility

Corporate History

CEG is a part of a Washington, DC area based family of related construction, energy, finance, and asset management companies whose roots include over a century of general contracting experience. Our diverse portfolio of comprehensive energy- and water-saving solutions consists of detailed energy feasibility studies, audits, and/or implementation for over 10 million square feet of federal facilities in the last five years, including laboratories and data centers. We have extensive experience developing solutions for multi-site campus environments that reduce energy expenses, renew key infrastructure, and reduce operations and maintenance costs’s.


Contact Us

CEG Solutions LLC 4040 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 700 Arlington, VA 22203

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